Sunday, November 14, 2010


I have been meaning to make a food blog for quite some time, but as you all probably know, I had a baby (Rosie) in May and she has been occupying all my time! She loves to watch me cook, aka when she is crying and cranky, she sits in the stroller in the kitchen as I whip up dinner... The title of my blog has been under wraps since I decided a LONG time ago that I wanted to do this, and while cooking for Shabbos this past Friday, it just came to me. For all of you non-Office watchers, well, watch! And then you might get it (Michael's "That's what she said"--ring any bells???)! Anyways, nothing seemed original until I thought of this spin on the not-so-famous punch line. I will basically be sharing my recipes (some original, some spin-offs), mostly savory because whoever knows me knows I hate to bake, because I hate exact measurements! A lot of my cooking I don't measure, so I have been trying to "document" how much of what I put in to marinades, for instance, so that it'd come off better on a food blog!
I hope you all enjoy (whoever is actually reading this)!!! And feel free to leave any comments or questions...

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  1. Great! Will read it often...hotzlocha.