Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm Back!!!...for now!

Hellooooooo followers,
I have been coerced by a few friend followers to jump back on the bandwagon and post a new recipe!!! I have been on a month hiatus from blogging, as school+baby have been getting the best of me! Anyways, I have decided to COME BACK!!! & post this easy recipe that I made for the Purim Seuda- it was a hit. Or so I think... Another reason for my slacking off is because, well, it's tax season! And you all know what that means...  it means that besides for Shabbos, I basically don't make a cohesive dinner for 2 anymore! Rather, MY dinner (the nights I am not in class) consists of a quick fix (always healthy) at 8 pm that I just throw together from ingredients I have sitting in my fridge or freezer. Hence, they end up not being so picture / blog worthy. Avi on the other hand, gets dinner at work- every night! Score, for me! Well, after Pesach that will all end...

I have been very into leftovers these days, and I don't mean eating Shabbos leftovers through the week. Rather, I mean using a leftover ingredient from one night and repurposing it for the next night. Even if that means spicing up leftover plain roasted potatoes on Tuesday night from Monday night by drizzling olive oil & sprinkling parsley and fresh minced garlic over them and re-baking just until hot & the garlic is golden brown. Call me Rachael Ray if you must (with her new "1 day cooking, FIVE nights eating" mantra), but it's really smart. I don't think I'd cook on Sunday for Thursday, but nevertheless this recipe was a result of having leftover Chimmichurri sauce (chronicled in a past blog) which I used for a steak that I made for Shabbos. I was determined to make a light couscous salad for Purim Seuda & this is how it happened.... I imagine it would work just the same with Pesto instead of the chimmichurri

Herbed Chimmichurri Couscous Salad
-I used Organic Whole wheat Couscous, prepared as per directions (preferred brand: Rice Select- sold at any supermarket, I got it at Brachs. Here is actually a coupon for $4 off 2 Rice Select products- which is great because each container is like $6)
-1/2 cup of chimmichurri (this recipe made enough for my steak, and for the couscous, so if you only want enough for the salad, I'd half the recipe. Or just use more in the couscous!):

-1 cup packed parsley (not the stems), chopped
-4 cloves of garlic, roughly chopped (the food processor will do the fine chopping)- I like it more garlicky, though you can play it by ear).
-1/2 cup olive oil
-3 tbsp. red wine vinegar
-salt & pepper

-1 kirby cucumber, peeled, seeded, and diced
-chopped dill and parsley mixed in at the end
-handful of toasted pumpkin seeds (I used pepitas, they're green so they "matched")

-Once the couscous is chilled, transfer to a large bowl, and mix in the chimmichurri
-Add the diced cucumber, parsley & dill
-Zest and juice 1/2 a lemon, add to the salad, add more or less depending on your taste
-Add the toasted pumpkin seeds right before serving
-salt & pepper if needed

The more this salad sits, the better it gets, so make it ahead of time!! Can serve cold, I liked it room temp.


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