Monday, September 26, 2011

15 minute meals...

For all of you moms, dads, or anyone else who is short on time & needs a really fast dinner to put together, I have a few solutions, true 15 minute meals- Rachael Ray's got nothing on me... No one said your "quick fix" meal has to be fish sticks (but if you do have the craving, don't worry, I'm totally with you on that one). This meal can literally be put together so quickly, & efficiently if you make it like Tim Gunn- make it work!!!! If you don't multi-task, you should learn, for dinners like this! Today I bought "salmon trout" which I've bought a number of times before- it's probably the fish that people pass over, because it essentially looks like yellow salmon. However, it's softer and lighter, kind of in between salmon & a white fish. Plus is that it's also very well-priced! If you can't find it, the technique can translate over to any kind of fish (i.e. salmon, seabass, tilapia...). The way I'm writing this post is the way I made the meal, so that everything is done right on time.

Maple Spiced Salmon Trout
-2 filets salmon trout or other fish
-Olive oil
-Variety of spices
-2 tbsp. maple syrup
Garlic Oil Angel Hair with Asparagus
-Angel Hair pasta (I use Barilla Plus)
-1/2 bunch of asparagus, cut diagonally
-3 large cloves garlic

-Bring a large pot of water to boil. When boiling, salt generously & add the angel hair pasta. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees, & prepare the salmon: spray a round tin with canola spray, & put the (2) salmon filets in. Drizzle them with olive oil. I seasoned the fish with salt, pepper, nutmeg, garlic powder, onion flakes, Italian seasonng, & parsley. You can use any blend of spices you'd like. Drizzle about 1/2-1 tbsp. (REAL) Maple Syrup over each filet, and brush all over so that it's evenly distributed, & set aside.
-The  pasta should take around 7 minutes to cook. A few minutes in, put the cut asparagus in a deep metal collander, & sit it in the pot of pasta, so that some water comes up into the collander, doubling as cooking the asparagus. Alternatively, you can just add the asparagus into the pot with the pasta -it only needs a few minutes to cook- & then fish them out with a spider or slotted spoon. Shock the asparagus by transferring them to a bowl of cold water.
-Drain the pasta & put the salmon in the oven for 15-20 minutes
-In a large saute pan heat 1/4 cup of olive oil over medium heat. Grate the garlic cloves with a Microplane directly into the pan (this is essential, in my opinion, because you don't want to bite into a piece of garlic). Add a pinch of salt, & parsley, and stir. Add the asparagus & then the pasta (for this recipe, I only used enough pasta for tonight, for the 2 of us) & stir all together.
-Sprinkle parmesan over the pasta when serving.

So, in a little over 15 minutes, you've prepared a delicious & healthy dinner!!
(sorry about the poor picture)

I wish everyone a Shana Tova!!!

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