Thursday, June 2, 2011

Make Over Your Breakfast

I'm always trying to come up with fast and easy breakfast fixes, as I don't usually have so much time to think in the morning, with Rosie running around. So as soon as I saw the cranberry pecan goat cheese, I knew I just wanted to spread it on a toasted english muffin and be ready to sit down to eat it in less than 5 minutes. I LOVE goat cheese. However, I rarely buy it being that we are cholov yisroel it tends to be one of the very expensive CY cheeses, for a very little amount that I could easily use it up myself in 2 meals, that is how much I like it! Costco has gotten on board with a really cheap Kosher dairy Chevre but has yet to carry an industrial size log of N&K!! Come on!

I wasn't sure what to expect out of the goat cheese, as I never tried one like this. If you've never tried goat cheese at all, you must. The most typical use of goat cheese that I can think of is warm breaded goat cheese served over salad (I'll get there, it's one of my favorites), but I've also had it shredded over salad at Cafe Muscat in Queens ("Farmers Salad") which was a delicious way to serve it as well. Goat cheese is one of those cheeses that you can either love  or hate. It has a very distinct savory flavor (you can find many varieties in the supermarket, I've seen herb, olive chevre, etc.), which is why I was excited to try this sweet variety asap, something I've never seen before. I'm a huge fan of mixing sweet and savory (i.e. fruits in salad, and on chicken), and this cheese is just that- the pieces of cranberry and pecan give the cheese a hint of sweetness, but the savory flavor of the cheese itself is still very much there. The log is also dusted on the outside with cinnamon. I toasted the english muffin, & spread the cheese on top. I know this is not much of a "recipe" but I think it's the perfect way to showcase this cheese without butchering it up. I think it's a fashionable update to the familiar yet boring cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese..

Old boring breakfast: cinnamon-raisin bagel with cream cheese (photo credits: Google!)

New exciting breakfast: whole wheat english muffin with N&K cranberry pecan goat cheese

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