Thursday, June 2, 2011

So cheesy...

I've been given a mission... to test drive some of Natural & Kosher's best cheeses! Check out Sincerely Brigitte on Facebook, Brigitte Mizrahi who is the creator of 4 top lines of Kosher cheeses. If you don't have Facebook, you can check out her blog here and the overall site here (Anderson International Foods). Anyways, the basket was dropped off here yesterday afternoon and let me tell you I am definitely in for a challenge! I was not expecting such an abundance but needless to say, my fridge is now stocked with cheese that could easily last me a lifetime! Thank God N&K cheese freezes amazingly! Here is the basket. It consisted of 4 bags of shredded mozzarella (Chef's Blend and Pizza Cheese), 4 small logs of 2 varieties of goat cheese, 13 packages of sliced cheese, 2 packages of American slices, around 7 blocks of cheese, a sliced cheese variety pack, and a package of cubed cheddar. I feel like an Iron Chef! I wonder what the secret ingredient is...Anyways, I didn't come from a lasagna baked ziti kind of family. We rarely had it for dinner. Our dairy dinners were usually homemade pizza. However, when it comes to the holidays, we usually go all out dairy for lunches, and my mom makes a mean eggplant parmesan. So I'm going to try and pull out all the stops to create creative cheesy dishes that I hope you will all enjoy! Some will definitely be simple, as you don't always have to melt cheese with 100 other ingredients to make it good! I personally enjoy cheese best with tomato and avocado on a sandwich while others may hear cheese and immediately think of mac & cheese! I'll try to cover all bases.

So stay tuned as I embark on this challenge, and hopefully I'll provide you with some yummy cheesy recipes that will hopefully be healthy as well!

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